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Anniversary of the Fatal Killing by Police of Mark Duggan

Anniversary of the Fatal Killing by Police of Mark Duggan in London. Actual innocent people were killed in the riots including a 68 year old man who was attacked by a mob as he tried to put out a fire. Three men in Birmingham were killed in a hit and run while trying to protect their neighborhood from rioters. Someone wants to make race an issue regarding a known violent criminal who was deemed to be armed and dangerous. All lives matter folks – black or white – they matter equally. He was a violent thug who got what was coming.

Mark Duggan

Some people seem to be mislead in what I’ve said I’m talking about the police in general being corrupt the day I believe in their version of any incident they the police are involved in I’ll believe in peter pan people have short memories need I mention their disgusting actions at Hillsborough and countless other failure’s on the police are bad never change my mind keep up the good work all you do gooders I’m sure you’ll be remembered.

Mark Duggan killed himself it was his actions and his choices. He doesn’t deserve a vigil he deserves to be made an example of. Those people that were killed or those whose livelihoods were destroyed during the riots by the absolute scum involved are the only people that deserve anything.

Give it a few years and we will have a spike lee film made of his life. Showing how he was misunderstood and had to turn to crime to *insert sob story here* and that he was really an *insert good lad, Angel, good citizen* who just needed an opportunity.

His death was his fault because of choices he made. No other reason. Police did us all a favor that day and their jobs. Ridiculous to be protesting as it was also ridiculous to smash up local communities and destroy people’s livelihoods after it actually happened.

There are issues with the deaths of young black men in custody in the country, granted nowhere near as bad as the US, but we still need to address it.

But Mark Duggan was an armed drug dealer, and the police dealt with him in the same way they would have dealt with a white person in the same position.

This thug should not be lauded as anything but what he is, a criminal whose death whilst tragic for his family, should be seen as example of how not to live your life.

Should have a vigil for all the people that were beaten up, had their livelihood ruined and were held hostage in their homes for days by a bunch of lawless scum bags. The police should have been given more help to deal with this, it was a farce.

It’s not all about Mark Duggan and how he died how about the all the innocent people life taken away during the riots, it’s like they forget everyone else who sadly lost their lives plus mark was a wannabe gangster so he bring it on himself that’s what happens when you become one and carry weapons expect the consequences. Let’s pay our respects to the family and friends who lost people.

He was a dangerous criminal who had just bought a gun in order to shoot another drug dealer. The police officer had a hundredth of a second to make his decision, he acted correctly on the available information. I have no sympathy for criminals they must expect to get harshly treated. This criminal was a leading drug dealer; he is responsible for the destruction of the lives of his customers.

It’s nothing to do with color it’s to do with criminality. Criminals come in all colors, all religions. So if you’re a criminal don’t expect any special treatment you’re the scum of the earth.

When I was a teenager we had very few colored citizens so stop and search was carried out on white teenagers as they were the most likely to be carrying offensive weapons, drug dealing was not high on the list. My generation just accepted that we would be targeted and got n with life. So if you’re part of society where there is a high incidence of criminality then just get used to it and stop complaining.

But for each bullet that is fired the amount of paperwork that is completed. And if you did wrong as a policeman in this country you face a harder prosecution than our US friends. Our government love or hate them does not want to alienate voters, whereas in the US it does not matter. They will make sure protection is not given to the Police.

How are the terrorist attacks in Europe a false flag? And the increase in armed police is based on Intelligence and risk by people more qualified than you and I, and the police officers who drive round in the armed response units are not untrained, the training they do and operating procedures they must follow are strictly governed with a level of accountability you will not believe, they do a good job and don’t deserve the ridicule and distrust the uninformed appear to be so happy to shout about.

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