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How Australians are Defending Insulting Bill Leak Cartoons

Bill Leak Cartoons

How Australians are Defending Insulting Bill Leak Cartoons. Crime and incarceration rates aren’t to do with some ones skin color (per say) but almost always to do with poverty, exclusion and alienation. Perhaps Australia should look at how they treat the indigenous population before they start pointing fingers. Treat them bad , paid to go to school, special treatment in many other areas , companies forced under quota rags or financial incentive to employ aboriginals , weekly repairs to vandalized housing , low interest mortgages .If you treat people as if they’ve got a disability , don’t be surprised if they start acting as if they have .

Funnily enough they get extra benefits, guaranteed job and university quotas, extra sporting benefits as youngsters, housing (which they rip the walls off to use as firewood), low interest home loans… My finger can point anywhere it wants. There is no reason for their crime rates beyond themselves. Because they’ve had their way of life taken from them, and this is the government’s way of fixing it, throwing money at the situation and hoping it goes away. It’s the same pattern in the US, with the Native American population, high substance abuse and suicide rates.

just a chauvinist like you could speak with such an arrogance. You, criminals of the UK, stole their lands and let them with crumbles. Now, as always, the good white man, is trying to fix things by making them worst. What if, for a moment, just let people live in peace. The crime rates are because they spend their money on alcohol and bash their women and their children have to break into businesses and houses to get food and the lifestyle develops from there. They have rights to fish dugongs etc and could return to living in the desert if they wanted. They prefer the alcohol life.

What is this special treatment of which you speak? Was it when their ancestral homeland was invaded and stolen from them? Was it when their children were systematically taken from them? Is it that they’re are continually forced into a seemingly incompatible way of life, and receive absolutely no recognition for how they wish to live as made clear by Australian land law. We see this happening everywhere in the world where first nation people have been subjected to decades or centuries of discrimination and disregard. Native Americans, Maori people, Aboriginal people, it’s all the same.

Their ancestors were pushed to the edges of your ancestors white society through no fault of their own, unable to integrate into the white capitalist society so they turn to a cycle of desperation and despair, instead of a cycle of living off the land. Now the government wants to fix it but it’s already too late, and to make matters worse I know for a fact that Australians think they’re.

Why are we as a society afraid to acknowledge trends within demographics? Just because a certain group of people have a problem it doesn’t make them flawed, it just means they have an issue to solve. Every time we call cartoons/statements like this racist for bringing these issues to bear we cut short the discussion and a potential solution. This entire cartoon seems to be doing is pointing out why there might be a high youth incarceration within native Australians.

It’s almost as bad as ‘religion of peace’. Instead of looking at WHY the issue develops, we like to ignore these issues so we can all feel lovely and accepting. Admitting a demographic has a problem is not discrimination and nor does it mean that they are inferior. It allows you to help them overcome.

Australian aboriginal culture is traditionally extremely violent especially towards women as has been reported in peer-reviewed research papers and contemporary historical accounts. These days, reports of violent townships are common in the Australian press. The fact that families are deemed unsafe due to the high incidence of sexual molestation and rape of young children by the courts and other agencies should not be forgotten. This cartoon just highlights another aspect of the problem. But mentioning this will incur the wrath of SJW’s who don’t want to talk about the elephant in the room. Cue for critics calling me bigot, racist, red-neck,

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