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We Have to Change the Mohajir Mindset Now


We Have to Change the Mohajir Mindset Now.  You’ve been a Pakistani for almost 70 yrs, if your mindset is still stuck back in 47′ then the issue is a lot more than being coined a mohajir. I don’t see people in Punjab crying over what was, neither do I see the baluch or the people from KPK sit and dwell over their pasts. What is it about this “sect of mohajirs” and they’re so called rights that keep them so oblivious to the fact that they are voting in a con man and his posse every time they set foot into a polling station. What has this party given to Karachi other than violence, target killing and bribe? I’ve never seen a single penny invested in the infrastructure of Karachi. I’ve yet to see someone clear the garbage off the side of the roads and build better roads for a start. Pulling a gun out every time you don’t get your way isn’t liberating and calling the country you don’t even live in and yet control sitting in the UK doesn’t make you anything but petty and useless.

My grandparents came to Pakistan with my parents who were kids and I was born in Karachi after around quarter century of creation and I am Pakistani, mohajir word is crap and shame on those who vote for MQM as each vote translates into bullet. Self denial and insecurity of some Urdu speaking and also an unseen fear created by fascists was the reason that weak people went with them. Long live Pakistan we faced no discrimination if some individual is biased against Urdu speakers that is his personal shortcoming and I pity them but can’t blame Pakistan for that.

It is high time for us to condemn all those forces that stand against Pakistan and its sovereignty but we should also analyze those circumstances that force various communities to maintain their individuality instead of merging into one nation. We should not forget that if there is no rule of law and monopoly of certain sections of society, it leads to division of society on the basis of color, cast and creed and same thing happened in Karachi where several governments failed to create a structure which could address the problems of people and heal their wounds.

There is no problem with Integration. You see there are a lot of Mohajirs who are working for betterment of Pakistan, just because they think themselves as Pakistanis. They have valued Pakistan more, then a person who want to keep them as Mohajirs (for his own agendas). They couldn’t do better due to various reasons found this concept of remaining people and cursing the country for not doing enough for them attractive and hence joining Altaf and MQM! If you argue that they were being declined and not accepted then why there isn’t any such issue in Punjab where they are more than they are in Karachi! In Punjab no one calls anyone Mohajir not even if one is Muhajir himself! Please I would say come out of this negative term call them be a Pakistani and work towards the betterment of this Country!

Urdu speaking community should think why they are blindly following Altaf and he is no more their savior. Urdu speaking community should integrate itself with Pakistan.

The very fact that they’re still called Mohajirs even after 3 generations shows what is wrong with this issue. They’re not “migrants” anymore and nor is Mohajir and ethnicity. It is very Sad to say that Pakistan has failed to assimilate and integrate the people who moved there after partition unlike India which very easily integrated all the people who came here irrespective of ethnicity.

We are definitely not neglecting refugees by cursing mqm, mqm does not represent any refugees and only for its own benefits, Stop calling them refugees we are all Pakistanis and should elect those only who do good for Pakistan not those who claim to be for refugees just to win votes but in reality are destroying Pakistan

Ban MQM permanently and dissolve the party so it never forms ever again get all other parties to agreed to it again dissolve from grass root level Isolate Altaf Hussain issue notification that anyone supporting Altaf Hussain will be arrested and charged with treason further dismantle his networking and funding tap communication across the country tell other MQM members to form a new party/form New alliance or leave politics once and for all. Than get Altaf hussain arrest with his goons through Interpol from across the Globe put all on ECL in and out and declare it a banned outfit forever

Changing the perception of Sindhi by spitting venom against Urdu speaking and making us to hate them. She is thinking that Sindhis are very educated and well mannered and they have achieved everything but the reality is they are nothing outside Pakistan. I live in Saudi Arabia and I have never seen any Sindhi in any profession except farmers, mechanics, and beggars!! There are very rare Sindhi doctors which I count on my fingers very rare engineers, and we really avoid going to Sindhi doctors as they are not very much professional and have lack of knowledge!! But on the other hand I see many Urdu speaking on higher posts, as doctors, engineers, pharmacists and in other professions. These Sindhi specially come from interior to begin Makah and Medina in Hajj season and Umrah season and bring shame to Pakistan and Pakistanis, mostly Sindhi hajjis are often involved in theft and other wrong things, they break the laws in other countries and become the source of shame to Pakistan!! I personally know many Sindhi families here and mostly am farmers. Urdu speaking families are considered to be sophisticated families in Saudi Arabia and no doubt there are Sindhi educated families as well but the ratio is very less!! So Miss Saba people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stone at other people’s glass house.

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