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China Demanding Apology Over Australian Swimmers Drug Dig

China Demanding Apology Over Australian Swimmers Drug Dig. The fact of the matter, that everyone seems to ignore in here, is that the international Olympic committee has cleared the Chinese swimmer for this competition; anything else anyone says is purely a side story and nothing more! Therefore the reaction of the Australian swimmer was classless as far as the sport and the official regulations are concerned.


The main idea that we all seem to forget is the original purpose and message of the Olympic Games! These games are not only designed to show the glory of winning or competing for the medals. The modern Olympic Games were designed mainly to bring the whole world closer together and create an opportunity for everyone to learn from one another, and showing compassion and respect to one another.

China’s response doesn’t even make sense as Sun Yang has been banned for using performance enhancers previously which is what Horton was alluding too. How is he not a drug cheat? Once you have used a performance enhancer you are a cheat, period.

The only way to stop it is to ban athletes who have previously tested positive for performance enhancers for life from the Olympics.

Thanks for proving my point on bad sportsmanship. How could you possibly know if he is a drug cheat? As for a criminal record, some of you people really need to get a grip on what the Olympics are about. How many Australians walked away from the London games with criminal records for destruction of property because they didn’t win a medal? He had NO RIGHT to call him a drug cheat.

Sun Yang is clean and passed the drug test, he deserves respect just as much as any other athlete competing in that pool. Nobody is talking about the 2012 entire Australia men’s swimming team’s drug violation, but it seems people here have really short memory and think Australian swimmers have always been clean! Apologize and move on!

 Everybody is such an expert in drugs….no one knows who takes what, and if nothing found in other athletes’ probes, means only nothing found. It does not mean other athletes do not take drugs. Lack of good will and good spirit is a shame for such athlete. It is so stupid to compare rape and robbery with taking drugs in professional sport.

 I find it interesting that if anyone criticizes China or their inhabitants for any reason even when it s true they are enemy number 1. Good on Mack for having a say it is a pity our governments don’t have the guts to stand up to China for some of their abuses

I’m sorry that you have to break through firewalls unnecessarily imposed by your own government to isolate you from the rest of the world, to demand from a foreigner an apology you do not deserve.

Someone should apologize his opinion because his opinion is not right. Sun Yang shouldn’t be blamed as a “drug cheater”. The medicine that Sun Yang took was for his heart disease and did nothing to enhance his sports performance. Also the Olympic committee cleared Sun Yang from any improper doing. Sun Yang is clean and innocent. That’s why he deserves an apologize from Horton.
By the way Australia’s Olympic swimming team confessed using drugs and got banned in 2012 London Olympic game, can I say Australia a team of drug cheaters?

Never mind Olympic culture of doping of centuries, heard about Russia? Fantastic achievement for an Aussie citizen but he doesn’t look like Australian DNA! Is he a recent foreign & alien immigrant or immigrant descendant now living in Australia? What are his ethnicity & heritage details? Is what all Australians of foreign DNA over the last 200 years want to know!

Don’t cover up his mistakes with freedom of speech. He is a public figure and he should take responsibility for his actions. If he felt that Sun Yang had a problem, he can report to the International Olympic.  Because he may be clean NOW but he has previously been CAUGHT and found GUILTY of taking prohibited substances. Like I have said before if he was truly transparent about his condition and went to the organization and said “hey guys just a heads up my dr’s advised me to take this for my heart” then credit to him. But I don’t think that was the case seeing as his ban was secretly served to him.

Now if Horton in the future is caught and found guilty of the same you can bet your bottom dollar ill say EXACTLY the same about him.

 He splashed the Aussie as a greeting, admitted by the aussie himself, but he chose to ignore him and crack on with the preparation. I’m not siding with the Chinese on this one I think it’s unfair to clean athletes for others to use banned substances secretly and get away with it. To me, if it was for a health related issue then he should have gone to the respective committee and been open and transparent about it from the very beginning.

However this article makes it sound like it was a personal attack started by the Chinese, which it wasn’t it was a little splash, if you’re afraid of a little water you shouldn’t be competing in the swimming. But as the aussie says, he ignored all contact. That’s his decision.


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