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China’s Amazing Futuristic Bus is Finally on the Roads

China Futuristic Bus

China’s Amazing Futuristic Bus is finally on the Roads and getting popular on social media. A lot of cities have “bus only lanes” already! And with this, it can free up the bus only lane. Then this can be set up over the other two lanes, over smaller cars, while the lane which used to be bus only, could be used for those which are above the height restrictions. When 1st apple cell phone came out everybody was like how could I manage a cell phone without actual crunchy keyboards. Don’t call anything stupid until you understand what innovation is and why china is developing so fast and well.

 A lot of people pointing out its full of flaws it’s pointless expensive we would need to upgrade etc. Also pointing to practicality but let’s be realistic this is the first of its kind to operate and there will be kinks to iron out. We have to start somewhere TVs now have controls and mobiles can do so much compared to what they started as. I say let’s give the technology a chance to develop. It is brilliant. I’ve already seen that many people have already mentioned about bus only lines. But you guys are very stupid. About 100 years ago, people could ride a horse but they made a car. And we have used it. They could use train but they made a underground. A lot of technologies have been improved by people. We should keep inventing some new transport system for future. And Chinese have done it. I don’t mind that is useful or not. We should celebrate it together.

Electric vehicle has zero fuel emission compared to regular buses, but doesn’t require its own road space like a trolley. Additionally, as the world continues building upwards, even vertical space will come at a premium, this ‘straddling’ technology will be very commonplace as time goes on. This is getting such a huge amount of laugh service in the planning world. The goal of public transit is to take cars OFF the road, a role it fills quite well when designed correctly. Essentially, a dedicated bus lane or BRT system would have the same benefit while simultaneously discouraging the drivers who otherwise clog roads. The infrastructure costs for implementing something like this on a large scale I imagine would be astronomical also as special boarding structures would have to be built at every stop.

Having been traveling on the roads many times in China I don’t think this will work, great concept like Communism but doomed. The Chinese drivers don’t obey rules The Taxi drivers over take emergency vehicles with lights on they mostly never Stop at red lights etc. I have been several Beijing taxis’s who use pavements to avoid giving way. China has massive Lorries to Donkey pulled carts and tricycles carrying goods it’s going to be messy.

Futuristic Bus

This thing is great. And sure it has a few kinks but the only thing I would say because it runs over roads is to of have concrete crash barriers protecting this thing from car collisions. They would have to make it slightly wider but people’s safety should come first. Hopefully that gets put into place eventually. Having said that it would be great to skim over all of the busy traffic though to get to destinations while people in cars are in congestion, and likely buses wouldn’t be needed any more. Sure at the minute this thing can only run over height restricted roads but hopefully it will get more advanced so it can go over taller vehicles like lorries, and if not then taller vehicles will just end up getting restricted even more as to what roads they can and can’t go down. But I’m sure as time goes on then the small faults will be fixed.

Only cars can pass under no trucks so road ways have to be made or updated wires relocated. Then what if a nut drives under and boom that could be a big issue, even a accident or car fire what safe guards are in place.

Completely impractical for any large, major city. Implementing this would require massive alterations ($$) to already long-existing mass transit infrastructures; removal of above obstacles such as traffic lights, signs, etc., strict limitations on vehicles (there would essentially have to be clearance bars preventing oblivious drivers from entering the relative paths), as well as possibly considering interference with roads and the dangers of inevitable contact with the individuals on these roads. Possibly better utilized in developing areas currently in need of transit for a large population but ones containing a lower density of structures. Or, generally speaking, places that haven’t had trains, subways, and trams for nearly half a century. Basically, a few decades late yet, still potentially applicable in the future nonetheless. But, last time I checked a “bus” has the ability to turn; this is by all means a tram/train.

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