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Citizens of Karachi acing Massive Water Shortage Problems

Karachi Water Shortage

Citizens of Karachi acing Massive Water Shortage Problems even posh areas Like Defense and Clifton are also facing these problems and residents are suffering. It is because of this attitude that those in power happily go on with the status quo. If enough people raise their voices, things will change. People must raise their voice for basics – public institutions must start to deliver to what they are paid for – from our tax money. I f u compare DHA LAHORE to Karachi you can easily find where our money is going. Pathetic condition of roads in DHA Karachi garbage UN mentioned green belts. Protest is needed every day

How many are “Enough People”? Karachi’s population is now more than 2 billion. Out of these 85% plus are living in Middle or low class areas of Karachi. Hardly 15% or less is living in posh areas like Clifton, Defense, PECHS Block 6 and Karsaz/KDA Scheme No.1 etc. Now out of these 15% only 5% are really concerned but they are paying through their nose to keep it going means not or least interested in raising voice for various reasons – No Time , Business Commitments, Jobs etc.-Now hardly 1% or less than that are seriously active in raising their voices, in number they are not more than few hundreds. But I agree with u that if even this marginal crowd comes forward and be consistent it will shake the Status Quo and gradually reaming percentage will step up. It needs aggressive efforts. And they just raised the water tax this year. It’s our entire fault who is silent sufferers. We must raise our voice else keep suffering at the hands of Mafia.

No use CBC Government or Karachi Admin all are sleeping. Why does u want to disturb them? The only and the best solution left, for Karachiets, to get rid of all problems such as Civic and Public Utilities and Safety and Security , Sewage, Roads, Garbage, Billboards and Traffic etc is to hand over Karachi to Chinese / Korean/ Japanese or any other European Developed nation. Am 100% sure that only these will fix the entire major and Minor and chronic problems of this Mega Metropolitan Port City and will make it No.1 Living City in the World. Agreed with your proposal, the solution is that all civic agencies Projects to be handed over/awarded to Chinese and other countries on EPC basis, we are tax payers it is our right to complain and propose.

Water Shortage

Water tankers were some years ago under the control of the Rangers. Why was this cancelled? From that time the problems started with the tanker mafia. After every protest the water tanker prices keep rising. Earlier in 2013 it was for 2500 and now the same tanker is for 4500.Its all the Mafia playing games with general public looting in the name of providing water whereas we have to pay DHA taxes yearly. May be Water Tanker Mafia is working in coordination with DHA. Stop making payment to DHA or at least deduct the amount paid to Tanker Mafia yearly from Taxes paid yearly to DHA. Every consumer/ resident must do that. And then see the results. Such action must be taken by joint action of all the affected Residents only than it will make a change. Unity is required by Consumers Action Committee or Residents Action Committee.

There is no water in all of Karachi, not just DHA and Clifton. If people joined hands across the city, then there would be real pressure. Lots of areas do get water regularly. We in defense are worst due to DHA and various Cantonment Board’s mismanagement. Our elected reps specially the PTI and PML knew are safe in the rut and gave joined hands with the warriors in misusing our taxes.

Containment Boards are worst then KDA, KMC and are far more corrupt .The Cantonment Board officials enjoy the cover of ministry of defense ,though 99% of staff are civilian. It was a good effort but will go to waste unless we can keep the pressure up by having regular protests. It is unfathomable that we are asked to pay taxes for water that we don’t get. Need to stand up for our rights in a peaceful manner but keeping quite should not be an option. CBC people are deaf. Their legs are broken. Their heads are hollow. Nothing can move them. Only thing they know is collecting money from us. And live happily ever after.  I know the residents paying a good sum of money to the line man and getting water regularly. This line man came to me and suggested this to me too. The entire CBC knows this. No one can dare move this man from his job. Cause they all are share holders.

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