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Citizens of Karachi Should Plant Trees in the City

Citizens of Karachi Should Plant Trees in the City. The land is for gardening as we already have few trees including guava, coconut, almond etc. There’s a submersible pump that pulls out water to fill the reservoir built within the premises of our gated community, and that reservoir fulfill the need of water for gardening. We have a person dedicated to take good care of all the plants.


There is a designated park in Clifton block 5, same lane as Flamingo Chat. This ‘park’, and I am witness, has been ‘inaugurated’ at least 4 times in the past 10 years by various pompous government officials. Not a blade of grass. Not a tree. Currently it is used as a public urinal. I do believe the current use of the ‘park’ is reflective of the governments /KDAs attitude, with all due respect

It’s a pretty good sized area, ballpark figure 6k/8k sq yards, perhaps more. What rattles my cage is that funds must have been provided each time. They even put one of those small monoliths with a plaque on it. On one of these occasions a few trucks dumped some earth too and a structure comprising 15/18 GIPipes was erected in one corner. There are apartments on all sides. It would be so brilliant for the children if a bicycle track and playing area were provided. It doesn’t have to have grass, even if it is flattened and cleaned, with a lovely line of trees around it, would suffice. Trees to climb, to chat under, from which to drop improvised swings. I’ve spent my childhood in old Clifton, near the Iranian consulate. Every day at 4pm we went to the park. I learned to ride a bicycle there. The banyan tree roots we climbed swung on like Tarzan and created our own fantasy world where imagination made everything possible; we tied the roots and had instant Kids came together and made friends. Those kids are now my adult social circle. Often due to the children the parents became friends. It was a neighborhood in the true letter, spirit and sense.

I can’t even seem to get them to take their candy wrappers to their flats to dispose. I’m that weird, batty, ‘bag lady’ around here, which picks up the crisp & candy wrappers, bottles and juice cartons. All I need now is to requisition a supermarket trolley and complete the image. Can some of us together adopt this park and give it a shape. I am sure 50 people as a group with 5-6 responsible for taking care of the park can come forward to contribute on a monthly basis. Can anyone who has some experience on this concept comment.

It is simply because of availability and costs. Both are slightly more expensive and not much is available. We try our best on self help basis. Ideally, the local Government should work on these – once they get time from stealing the taxpayers’ money. Can you provide lemon and guava trees I can accommodate them in my house I already have chiku and it gives a lot of fruit but I do not know how to take them down. The birds are enjoying them and I have to clean the after fallout.

In this case it will be between Residents plus MKG Adopters of the Park. Here are the basic Modes Operandi It needs up keep, improvement on daily basis, Volunteers from Residents of that area along with MKG Adopters. It includes Planting and maintaining flower beds / Trees / Fence / Trails and paths / Children Play area and its outdoor game fixtures / painting and repairing from time to time for Park structures etc; Cleaning up litters / mulching/ watering etc in general making sure that Park is in order for Public Use. Funds/ Donations from Residents/ Visitors are required for its maintenance and to meet various expenses – Salaries / utilities mainly Water and Electricity and Maintenance. There are many other ways and means to generate funds for meeting Parks expenses. Adopter/s has to first of all create a customized Plan. The Time Commitment is completely up to the Adopter/s of the Park. Event of Planting/ Cleaning can be held Weekly/ annually in spring for Planting. For Example for Planting Project Planting Trees 10 Trees may take 12 volunteers 3 Hours approx. While Liter cleaning takes a handful of Neighbors / or paid cleaners an hour approx depending upon its size and the volume of liter. This is for those who want to come out and adopt this Park and take up this Project purely as community Service.

We have to highlight the fact that they are public servants NOT our rulers, their job are to serve the people and take care of their problems. Unfortunately, these days we don’t even use the phrase ‘Public Servants’ for them. It is the public that pay their salaries and the sooner they realize it the better it is for them.

Once Park’s appearance reaches to that level it will be grabbed by most powerful person of Sindh Karachi and the Adopter/s will be thrown out from its ownership. Better never develop it to the level where it becomes commercially viable. If Adopter wants it to remain in his/her hands. They fall because unfortunately in 21st Century they are still using Conventional way of climbing such trees. Time has changed must use Tall trees ‘ fruit plucking Cranes as used in Europe/ US/Canada etc. These cranes are safe.

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