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CM Takes Notice of Karachi Water Shortage and Load Shedding Issues

CM Takes Notice of Karachi Water Shortage and Load Shedding Issues. It’s good to see him action, he is energetic, simple and prompt in taking actions so his new mates. I wish him success if he keeps on going, he may win the hearts of depressed people of Sindh specially Karachi.

No need to make every issue political. I have lived in the area as well and know very well of the encroachment of the river. When will we stop this discrimination. Why can’t you have a Pakistani thinking as one nation? Why do you people want to cause divisions? If the higher ups are so responsible than no armed groups can stop them from clearing the river. Government needs to stop making excuses.

Karachi Water Shortage

As far as lifting of garbage by the Town staff is concerned, they have lack of machinery and equipments, their salaries not being paid regularly. Most of the citizens are also irresponsible as they throw garbage in the middle of streets or backyard instead of donkey cart garbage collector. I still doubt that utility agencies are misguiding the CM which they have been doing since 2005, 2007 & so on, several inauguration done in the past were by people in search of fame only.

It’s not a job of 2 or 3 years. The design is faulty & risk for FWO to construct 72 km of open Canal without design vetting by any International firm having experience of design & construction experience in Pakistan & abroad has never been done. FWO is not going to take foolish decisions in political style. However I pray that scarcity of water in Karachi is reduced anyway.

People who are corrupt cannot think about the public, Saddar has been dug; it’s like a war zone. We have to give lots n lots of money to get one water line for our building. Its months we have no water line as the digging laborers have broken ours and other lines given by the water board. The water board sends us big Bill’s but what do we get in return, nothing. We have to use boring water and buy drinking n cooking water.

This project is at least 6 years old. It was on the back burner for years as Asif needed all the money that came to Sindh government. Now less than 2 years left for next election so some show of development is being orchestrated.

The tariff of whole country except Karachi is different as only Karachi has a private foreign entity disco all others are local. I don’t think so that KE has a 10 year agreement on rates, had it been such a case than no reason to amend tariffs every second month.

The tariff is based on fuel consumption as KE depends mostly on natural gas but when there is shortage of gas than they run their generation on imported fuel that is why the tariff is based on fuel consumption, if more fuel is used than tariff goes up and if more gas is used than tariff comes down in both cases Nepra is the sole authority to give permission of any increase or decrease.

My post contention is there is no justification for Nepra to allow increase in tariff when international fuel prices are static since last one year and that too on the lower side; the consumers never got real benefit of lower fuel prices neither in load shedding. Any increase at this stage has no justification although it is speculation only the notification for increase is yet to be issued. I think they (Nepra) deliberately issued this news before notification to see public response. Not sure exactly.

The 10 year agreement has been reported in daily Jang about a few weeks ago. The basic rate per unit for different slabs is part of the agreement as I understand. Fuel adjustment charges go up and down based on fuel consumption. Might be a good idea to check and then see what they might do to us for the next 10 years.

I have heard that Abraj the holding company has sold its shareholding in KE to Chinese Shanghai Electric not sure or they are in the midst of any agreement. The actual stake holders should be City government as it is solely meant for Karachi but vested interest had sold it to foreigners.

No matter the management may be given to some experienced foreign firm but City government should have majority shares to control the entity and any agreement whatsoever should be transparent and public should know as to what terms are being materialized, keeping public in the dark definitely means that something is involved. Unfortunately Sindh government or some PPP leaders have a stake in the affairs that is why they do not protest on such issues. We citizens are being kept captivated by vested interest and have no forum to seek help. In water issues most of the Karachi is suffering due to nexus of tanker mafia and vested interest.

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