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Government has Spoiled Environment by Cutting Down the Trees


Government has spoiled environment by cutting down the trees from the time of previous government not the public .Public should file the petition in court to stop cutting tree Public plant the tree after few month’s when they grownup KMC start chopping them. I still believe nonsensical escalation of urban areas, not leaving proper green areas is the root cause, we should encourage every household to grow and take care of at least 2-3 shady trees in nearby areas they live.

 I believe that there are nearly 25 plus Lac Afghans moved into Karachi which as u said are the main causes of unrest and crimes in the city because of Job Struggles among them. Now it time for Authorities to move the aliens/ Afghans out of Karachi and set an establishment Authority particularly for Karachi to handle the matters of up country immigrants and their registration / Police record to control the crimes as that of other Karachi’s citizens.

I planted more than 30 trees on green belt that specie doesn’t demand much water but we are maintaining them well. My next step to plant same on my roof top .We are living in small homes can have a big lawn and grow if nothing than Neem tree plant on rooftop.


I am sorry but most people take part in discussions like this one on social media and SELDOM go out to plant a tree.
We all are educated enough to know the reason for scarcity of plants/trees in Karachi, it’s time to say goodbye to comfort zones and start giving Karachi its due share of your attention. We owe this city a lot, if not you, I’m for sure.

Traffic helpline also need to check a roundabout that comes on same road if heading from this traffic stop. It is blocked by cars every single day. People actually don’t know how to go about it. Is it just me or are there way too many traffic stops and cuts on our roads. We need signal free corridors, one-way u turns, and fewer cuts and then at least 2 officers posted on the fewer traffic stops. Less force needed to man traffic stops, easy to fine law breakers, catch people etc

I daily sit at this traffic light. This clogging is a recent phenomenon. For the past two years I’ve taken this route after collecting my child from a school carpool. Till before the summer break the journey took me 15 min. Since the start of term this journey now takes me 45 min . Only and solely because of this crossing and those who block the oncoming lane. My child now has just 15 min , as opposed to 45 min earlier, to change and scoff down a bit of food before she has to run out to class again. I think if we all start doing this, put the body in the ground with out any cement slabs surrounding the body plant a tree above it and not make any marble monument we will soon have greenery all around. These trees shall outlive those who planted them and shall bear witness for the persons who tended to them. If only we knew the blessings earned in such noble acts.

It is not from our region. Consumes a lot of water and evaporates most of it. The wood is brittle and not suitable for furniture or construction. Other plants and trees cannot thrive near it. It is a tree that grows mostly in the Australian desert and good for the weather system there. The roots are known for reaching water 100 meters underground, etc.

It’s not about education, rather patience. I somehow get a feeler that these people were also in a hurry to come in the world and instead of completing the 9 months landed in the 6th or 7th month.  All results of premature C-Section delivery. This attitude of educated and elite people shows our state of affairs. We are continuously getting worse day by day. One of these days I’m going to have a meltdown and will get out of my car and herd these cattle on to the right path. If you see video of a woman directing traffic at 2 pm here, chances are it will be me.

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