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Heavy Rain Causes Flooding on Roads of Karachi

Heavy Rain Causes Flooding on Roads of Karachi. The rains seem to have been handled somewhat better this year. Unlike last year when at the first drop of rain the electricity would go off and the city would be in total darkness. Plus there would be water everywhere. The power did go off a few times but for short intervals and water on the streets also was less.

We should praise every good thing from any part or official.We should also thankful to traffic police who performs their duty in all type of weather and conditions, till late in the night. What could some Traffic Police official do when thousands of people to go for outing to visit Sea View who make a junkyard on every intersection and roundabouts. It’s a city having approximately 20 million people every one will have to take his responsibility themselves. It’s a wrong practice to denounce Government for everything. We as a nation are irresponsible, senseless and ill mannered.

Everyone is not born with the training of waste disposal. They should be trained. No one knows that the gutka which has become trade mark of the nation is spitted all over. The dirtiest and filthiest thing ever is all over. Have you ever seen a board saying gutka is a killer and spitting will be taken as a crime?

At least the government should have a responsibility of training the people. Most of them are illiterate born in an illiterate family. Morning to evening and evening to night foot path is their home. Their children are born on the foot paths. You expect them to realize their duties. We give them a few rupees and think our duty is over.
This is first time I am writing on a wall, because I am doing my duty. No need to blow my own trumpet. So here just asking you all to see what your duty is.

You again missed the cancer prevalent in our society. You or me cannot come up and change their ills of our society. Even Edhi SB could not do it. Again not to blow my trumpet, I am grooming a lot of girls in SOS village, training about 40 kids in SOS. So that when they come out of their village into the real world and can hopefully move forward. Secondly if I easily find a child to teach at home always do. Teaching or training one person can make a family prosper.

I got wrongly typed in my above sentence the word “creature” instead of creator. I am worried about the tendency and mental approach also of common people of Pakistan that there seem to be a race of fetching and grabbing money, power and authority, no matter how it comes. Even family member, wife, children ask from his husband/dad that how u gets money and maintain luxuries. Rule and implementation of law is ignored. So the rich and landlords have power in their hands and poor becomes victims. Does every mill/ factory owner provide enough facilities and wages to their employees or follow labor laws. Due to this discrimination the system collapses and crime rate increases. So we are ourselves responsible for this mess, as i have earlier said we are ill mannered and irresponsible

The more influential and educated rich are more law breaker. See how rich people play with justice in courts. Raymond Davis got freed after having killed innocent Pakistanis without punishment, who did so? I tried sometimes to wait on streets the signal light comes into green, in the late night where signals were still working, but I saw nobody had stopped except me, and everybody overtook me by staring as if I made some crime. I felt myself as a stupid and mad. It was also a great danger that any of these speedy drivers may hit me. So nothing is going well so far. Shame on us that despite having population of 220 million the smallest participants in Rio Olympics were Pakistan,

I want to share with u my observation, which happens to me so many time on the Streets of Karachi where traffic signals were working in the late night, that I was waiting the signal light to turn into green, but I have realized that I was the only stupid who was doing this silly thing and everybody was crossing the red signal with their cars /bikes shamelessly not only that but staring me as if I have committed some crime

Traffic on the road is known as a barometer of manners and way of living of any nation. Sorry to say we are far behind in standards of living. It is not limited to 2 wheelers or rickshaw or public transporters or 4 wheelers or any sort of transport but as a nation we all are responsible. Last month I shared my experience of Passport office. This is clear indication where ever we are, either on road or in office we lost our values being a nation. To live in this world with dignity and honor we have to learn humanity and have to practice it.

I think the menace of having VIP protocol and privileges may b minimize by cursing ethically in social media, meeting, TV shows, news papers and in educational institutions. I can’t understand why the rich in Pakistan demand special attention and protocol but when they visit abroad they wait for their turn like others. Have u ever seen a CHAPRASI in offices, in abroad, to make coffee or tea for their bosses.

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