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Hundreds are Attending Istanbul Anti-Coup Rally of Erdogan


Hundreds are Attending Istanbul Anti-Coup Rally of Erdogan in Turkey. Turkey’s president, PM and opposition party leaders joined this rally. European MPs should visit the Turkish parliament building that was bombed by the coup leaders and show solidarity with the Turkish people. Western media failed to show respect and extend credit to the society of Turkey, undermining the critical fact that these people will not accept a regime change by force any more. And since many of us don’t want refugees, show some respect to that country that is hosting 3 million refugees

Millions attend the Martyrs Rally in Istanbul with the leaders of ruling party and the leaders of the country’s main opposition parties including top military officers, musicians and athletes. We are there to give our message with mass rally to the world that Turkey stands erect.

Turkish people, or in general people of Middle East, are not able to embrace true democracy and meaning of secularism. Hence, they think that they are supporting democracy by attending this meeting but in fact they are sustaining dictator regime.

After every opposition parties and government party leaders meeting in there and speaking I think there is no more debate with social media turkey experts talking from far away.

Whether Turks care about EU and NATO or not, they are on the path of exclusion from these alliances – regardless of their thoughts about it. If Turkey does not care about NATO, then they will lose their membership and Russia’s been perched waiting for Turkey to make such a stupid decision. Turks in the Caucuses will be Russia’s first target.

These rallies do not demonstrate that Turkey is strong – it parades to those watching that Turkey is weak – vulnerable, unstable, disorganized, politically chaotic…

Three main parties are together for the first time in Turkey’s history. Their vote together is approximately %90. There are 4 million people in rally area  right now. This is a milestone in Turkey’s history. Together we are strong, divided we fall.

Some one call to Erdogan is a dictator yet? Which time a dictator is together with all other leaders in some place? Dictators use self power but Erdogan is have a country power! Turkey is not like Libya or Iraq! For this coup be blocked from Turkish peoples! If Erdogan be a dictator, peoples were can help this coup! But we put our heads front of tanks pallets … So peoples, when you will understand? Erdogan is not a dictator

 I have been seeing too many western people don’t have at least 500 years state experience and have an idea about Turkey and Turkic people and judge the Turkish people. Look.. We have never allow the persons like IS member live in Turkey and If Turkish people brought the Islam until The Venice gates, no organization and no state like Sharia Iran can teach us our religion and no Western country can say what we should do. There was the Great Parliament of the Turkish People which was administering the war (far of 10 km) against all the western armies. No people brainwashed, administered by Masonic governments can teach the state culture to the Turkish people who did not live without a state for 4000 years.And I’m not an Erdogan supporter as politics but time to be unite against all the double faced western which is looking like “our ally”

It might look impressive at first, 3-4 million people, but the population of Istanbul is 15 million. Hardly the majority. Staged rallies are always done to convey a specific message: Unity, popular support and in this regard Erdogan is winning the battle.

The man who staged the coup in order to further crack down on opposition now celebrating ‘democracy”. A travesty truly…The brainwashed crowds can enjoy their euphoria and swallow Erdogan’s nonsense for now. They will soon regret selling out their democracy to establish an authoritarian regime.

Good luck to them, they will need it. For now any talks about Turkey becoming an EU member must stop immediately. We have enough problems with the semi-authoritarian far right regimes of Poland and Hungary; we do not need a fully fledged dictatorship.

The reason there is a large turnout is because people are scared of what would happen to them if they don’t show their loyalty to Erdogan, including the opposition leaders. Even celebrities are worried and have to show some kind of support on social media. There are severe consequences! This is not what democracy is about!!! I feel sad for people who think they are there for democracy! They are there for their religion because Erdogan drops the name of Allah in every meeting and talks like an Imam more than a Democratic president! Also Scaremongering is what he is good at.

It’s a bit weird there is supposedly now suddenly so much support for this corrupt authoritarian man who has arguably been funding Isis by purchasing their oil (according to Russian reports), who has encouraged religious division, who has been doing little to stop illegal people trafficking operations causing innocents to die at sea, who was behind the ridiculous decision to blow up a Russian plane almost causing a world war, and finally who persecutes and locks up people who disagree with him and wanted to reinstate the death penalty for them. I’m sorry but any country that celebrates having a leader like that is either being brainwashed through state run television campaigns, or is a dangerous melting pot.

About time people stopped going on holiday to and spending their money in what in 5 – 10 years will be a fully Islamic state. It seems a majority in Turkey support that too. Ataturk’s vision of a secular Turkey is being ground into the dirt. Boycott Turkey, they are funding IS. Ever wonder why Aleppo (next to the border with Turkey) has long been an IS stronghold.

The rally demonstrate a solitary and self-confident Turkish people. It doubtless provides a shot of energy to President Erdogan and his regime. Give a punishing attack on conspirators behind the coup as well

I don’t agree with the coup and think it is up to the people of Turkey who rule their nation and clearly they have made that choice which is good and democratic. Some may say well they picked someone undemocratic but whatever is done they have made a choice as is their right. However, to be clear this is not nor ever was a plot by the US or Uk or even Israel as has been suggested. Look at CIA operations they have meticulous planning though it may not always succeed or go right they gain numbers massive support hit vital targets ensure the leader is either caught or unable to return. They make sure they will have popularity of the people and they have supplies stashed in preparation. This crap excuse for a coup lasted 3 hrs had no support and they were a complete shambles. Turkey is a NATO ally and there is no guarantee the next leader would support it nor do we need the only gap between us and Syria becoming unstable.

Female Turkish protesters have only a few more hurrays left to raise their voices in their finery before Erdogan puts them all in the burqa or hijab and turns them into the property of Turkish men. The people at rally are not just Erdogan’s supporters. Opposition parties, soldiers, Ex PMs, celebrities. . Everyone is there regardless of their believe, their status or political view. Also there are millions people at rally.

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