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Joe Joyce Wins Final Medal of Rio 2016 Boxing

Joe Joyce Wins Final Medal of Rio 2016 Boxing. If England’s  football team could perform this well (and considering the ball shriveling large fees they get paid for doing so at club level they really should) that would be something to shout about too. never going to happen though, these athletes pull on the GB colors and compete for pride and with passion; England footballers pull on the England shirt and play like a bunch of overpaid, entitled cuntwombles who’d rather be home in their gaudy mansions hanging out the back of an orange teenage girl while their trophy is out shopping.

Joe Joyce

Britain hasn’t had a foot ball team in the Olympics for at least 54 years because the different associations could not agree about the best team or equal representation but having seen your id picture it all makes sense. They couldn’t even attend a memorial service after the world cup disgrace because they were too tired!! Good job the men they should have honored didn’t say that on D day.

Every time someone complains about the BBC not reporting on some tragedy like a bomb going off, it takes me less than 15 seconds to go to their Facebook page or homepage to see a huge article written about said tragedy. Unless you only want them to report on a single event, post 100 different articles a day about it and completely ignore everything else their readers might be interested in.

Yoko put more scoring punches into the head. Joyce threw more but hit the arms mostly. Yoko covered him well. The injury Yoko had also was not made by Joyce but in an earlier round.  if the guy hits the other 15 times on shoulders arms and gloves , to the point he makes him move you’ll have the impression there’s is domination but for the judges.

 The decision was split so not every judge agreed. I understand that quality counts but in the later stages Joe got more punches in at his opponent’s body. Far too close to call but nowhere near as bad a result as the Conlan match.

If you watched it and listened, both experts thought Joyce should have been in front. However having seen how the judges were scoring the bout then they said that he would have to knock his opponent out to win. In fact Richie wood hall could not believe that Joyce was behind coming into the last round. So no I do not have better knowledge than the two experts however I do totally agree with them as I stated Joyce should have won

I get that boxers are cocky but I have to admit to being annoyed by the Frenchman holding his other hand up before the result was announced. For me it was disrespectful.

The US has 5 times the UK population, which makes the American women numbering 2.5 Britain. Not to mention the difference in the size of the teams US and GB sent to Rio or indeed the funding those teams had received. Besides, a GB medal cost less overall than a US one, and the GB teams gold’s were in more sports than those of the US team. Let me also add here that if taken to population size, GB’s haul of 67 medals ranks the country in top 20 at the Games whereas the US trail in the lower 40s.

A lot of sour comments here, the Frenchman knew very well what he was doing. It doesn’t count if you punch while he is guarding, you need a clean hit. Tony Yoka basically just waited for an opening, and that’s it. It’s one style of boxing but TECHNICALLY, he’s still hitting more. A lot of boxers had the same style, just avoiding punches and little hits. That aside, Yoka and his partner (Estelle Mossely) both got gold medals and will celebrate with a marriage, so congrats to them.

The USA team gets nothing from the government. The strength of the USA team is due mostly to the university athletic system (NCAA) across the U.S. However, that system benefits athletes around the world. There were over a thousand athletes competing in this Olympics who are current or former NCAA scholarship athletes, nearly twice the size of Team USA.

Well done Team GB & N/Ireland, which must include Scotland, Wales all the outlying islands and England that make the GB/UK so Great. I am sure we are all proud of you.. Of course be careful of your night clubbing nights or you might be enjoying the headlines like our footballers, who have to unwind on the contents of the bottle or pump. Mind you they are as useless at handling that as they are kicking a ball. Enough sad about them. this is your time to shine. Well done. And dare I wish you all who will be competing next time round equal success. Now you can tell us all it was not really the winning that was important, but the taking part.

Most Brit-Yank dominated Olympics I’ve ever seen. Japan had commendable Games, as well. Not having Russia participating with full team really sucked but I guess Putin is the culprit there. You can bet China will really bring it in 2020 Japan Games!! Should be a great event in 4 years as hopefully Russia will clean up its act and be there in full and no country on earth is more organized or polite & courteous and capable as Japan.

What an outstanding piece Eddie Butler put together to review the Olympics. Everyone was moved, including his colleagues in the studio. If you have not seen this piece, look out for it. Would it be possible for this to be put on the Internet? I hope Clare Balding reads this because from what she said after the piece was shown,

There seems to be a lot off comments from people who know nothing about boxing, the judges scored this match fairly, Joe Joyce  was putting a lot of punches in but not hitting the scoring places. Although he fought well the Frenchman fought slightly better end of story Joe Joyce  was not robbed he just was not good enough on the day, it happens.

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