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Karachi Becomes the City With Less Billboards


Karachi Becomes the City With Less Billboards within few days. It’s quite impressive how the Supreme Court’s order has been followed to the letter. I noticed the same thing yesterday while driving on Shaheed-i-Millat expressway, there was not a single billboard insight on either side. Hope this trend continues and is sustained for the long term. The squeaky wheel gets the oil, is an American idiom used to convey the idea that the most noticeable (or loudest) problems are the ones most likely to get attention. The owners of these Wall slogans / chalking/ Political Posters etc be charged heavily as penalty else it will never be stopped. SC must issue stern warnings about it.

 Hand over Karachi completely to Chinese Government/ Cos.- including Sindh Admin- am 100% sure they will solve all the problems facing citizens of Karachi since last 30 years. Karachi will become World’s No 1 City to live peacefully and happily and Hassle free. No Power outage No Water Tankers. Very unsafe procedure to remove a billboard this morning on natha Khan Bridge. No barricading, no harness on the guy on billboard & the crane was standing on a slope. Traffic was disturbed during the process. It was very dangerous for the ongoing traffic to remove such a huge structure without any barricading, without safety procedures & during peak traffic hours. The removal process is more hazardous than the board itself. I hope someone can take it up to the authorities.

I have many times suggested its and similar unlimited Karachi’s problems’ solution and that is only one and simple that is Hand over Karachi to Chinese Government or any other Developed European Government they will not only fix all Civic and Environmental matters but fix the Karachi Administration or Sindh Government as well forever. Karachi would become No.1 World’s living City. That is the only solution to all the problems facing Karachiets.

There are still numbers of banners not yet removed. Yes yesterday I saw two new billboards installed at Clifton area. This is a constant battle against status quo. We have to start and win the battle within ourselves first. Change will ONLY come when WE change.  SC ordered only today to remove all Bill boards within 30 days and perhaps the Session Judges will report the matter to the SC. Not a single bill board removed from Karsaz area which is under cantonment board. Only those hoardings removed which were of civil city government.

hire a Chinese or some other Foreign company – just like the way Chinese Co. is hired to remove garbage in Karachi- to remove the Billboards as well, am sure they will remove them all once contract is given even the biggest garbage of Pakistan i.e. Politicians and Rulers. SC must seriously consider it. We should hire more and more Chinese to manage Karachi It will make a difference. Most of our people do not have vision and desire to improve. The city has turned out to be garbage square and we have sticked to these billboards issue. I wish the same attention was given to this problem also.

Karachi City

Not all billboards will be removed. Only the ones that were installed on footpaths and pavements are required to be taken down. Other than that, no new billboards will be installed. Existing ones that don’t violate public walking spaces will continue. Supreme Court should also explore employment opportunities for all those who will lose their Bread & Butter (Jobs) once Bill boards are removed & concerned Companies are closed down. It’s very easy to crack down but who cares for those who will lose their jobs, similarly Supreme Court has ordered to stop further construction of Bahraia Town projects where approx. 25,000 workers may lose their jobs.

Irrespective if any project was legal or illegal; the ultimate sufferer is poor labor. Why Supreme Court sleeps when illegal projects start functioning?? I am not saying jobs should be allowed at illegal sites rather asking to explore job opportunities for those poor workers who will lose their jobs , Supreme Court has done half job and left the poor worker at the mercy of this cruel society , what if those losing jobs are forced either to become criminal or beggar .

It’s like US invading Iraq and then leaving it in ruins without a rebuilding plan. Chaos will ensue. But it’s not the responsibility of the court. They’ll see a legal issue and will take action accordingly. Parking mafia employs hundreds across Karachi. We cannot turn a Blind eye to them because some people are earning their income through such illegal means. City government on the other hand should be heavily penalized to ensure it will not start any such projects again. Exploring job opportunities is the moral obligation of the Government as well Judiciary to direct the concerned to take appropriate measures so that those lost their jobs do not turned to Criminal activities or start begging on the streets .

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