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After five long years of deliberations, the Advisory Council abolished the proposal to allow officials to start their own businesses after some members voted against it. The council decided to completely suspend the study of Article 13 of the Civil Service Law in accordance with Rule 23 of the Shura Council due to an apparent incompatibility with the National Agenda for Transformation 2020 and the Vision. 2030 from Saudi Arabia.
There was also concern that the fight against trade concealment would be hampered and that state officials would become less productive as they would be busy looking after their own businesses.
With all due respect to the honorable members of the Council and their visions, I find nothing wrong in allowing public servants to be business owners as long as certain conditions are met. Of course, this can not conflict with Vision 2030 or the National Transformation Program. Employees who have spent their undergraduate years working for the government should be able to start their own business as part of a new unified system to improve their living conditions. The employees may have a limited amount of time to do so, and I believe that it will reduce the pressure on the public sector.
Five years ago, when the council agreed to study the proposal, one member of the Shura Council told his colleagues that most of them were engaged in commercial concealment to work alongside their official work. to the government
Recently, Dr. Ahmed Alzilaay proposed amendments to Article 13 of the Civil Service Law and said: “Officials hide their jobs behind the names of their parents, where they can find a barbershop on behalf of the wife and the market of an official on behalf of someone’s daughter, and this increases the legal problems associated with the inheritance. “In fact, sooner or later, people will find a way to start a business.
It is obvious that members of the honorable council have stopped examining the proposal completely, but will eventually have to consider it because the proposal to establish a strict system for public servants to have their own business could come from the Finance Department. Trade and labor, which may find that this will increase opportunities for government employees to improve their living conditions and leave the public sector.