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Michael Phelps: The Most Decorated Olympian Ever

Michael Phelps: The Most Decorated Olympian Ever. What chance do short people or nations with short-statures people have in competing against athlete who is at least two meters tall? Why do we still follow those archaic & discriminating rules that say that to be good in basketball or swimming, athletes have to be at least 2 meters tall? I think there should be different categories of swimmers or basketball players, just like there are different categories of boxing designed to avoid unfair competition between the Mohamed Ali’s of this world [heavy weight] & light/feather weight boxers. In basketball, the determining factor should be the height of the basket or basketball backboards, not the height of the players so that short people have a chance to excel by playing against other short people. It is even possible that short basketball players could produce more interesting, fast, agile games than those awkward/clumsy-looking extra tall players that dominate the NBA.

Michael Phelps

The hair might have gone but the oomph is apparent still there in Mr. Hamersley. Please do chat with this lovely lady. I’m sure she’s not going to ask for anything except for a few numbers off your cards no biggie

The vast majority of the world’s population is in the category of “the short” & sport categories must reflect that. Is that too much to ask? What percentage of the worlds’ population is in the category of the two meters or taller? Maybe 00000001%.Oh, yes, there should also be a category for dumber chess players so that, at least, chess tournaments could attract a range of other more normal & attractive people as well as the usual geeks. Doing so is both fair & makes commercial sense

If they started having short categories people would still complain about someone 5 ft 5 having an advantage over someone 5 ft. At the end of the day yes height is an advantage but it’s not the be all and end all, if you have the skill necessary, and put the hard work in you’ll be able to compete at the top level…as mentioned there are some sports where height is an advantage and some where it isn’t. It’s just life. Certain physiques suit certain tasks and don’t suite others.

For the Olympic games, off the top of my head I would say gymnastics, any of the martial arts (judo, taekwondo etc) because they go by weight class, rowing, kayaking, cycling, shot-put, javelin, ping-pong, any of the winter sports- including skiing, skating (speed and figure) and snowboarding can be done by shorter athletes. Really, the list goes on. I agree, SOME sports favor height, but so many do not and Chloe Ward is correct, skill is king!

He has more medals in the 16 years since his first Olympics than some countries have in decades. His drugs tests have all been clear. He had ADHD as a child and swimming was suggested to his mother as a way of using up energy positively. He won every age group national swimming title. Plus he was aged 15 at his first Olympics. It pretty amazing in my opinion, Give the guy the admiration he deserves.

Not many sports in high competition for short pp, need to be tall in most of them. Basketball but also volleyball handball tennis when you look at the players. Because life isn’t fair. You can’t be, do, have whatever you want just because you want it there are a lot of things tall people can’t do that short people can it’s just how life goes.

If you Google greatest short basketball players of all time there’s a pretty long list that rival and exceed the talents of players of much higher stature (apparently the average height in the NBA currently is 6 ft 7   people get onto the basketball court by being good enough, you don’t need to be tall if you can be fast, or technical enough etc. Same with swimming, Michael Phelps is simply phenomenal, however he will be knocked of the top spot at some point by someone shorter (probably) who is simply better, in the same way he has probably raced and beaten people taller than him. In netball defenders tend to be taller as it’s an advantage, however you do get shorter people who have great speed and an awesome Jump. You can’t muddy coddle every sport (literally no idea how to spell that, don’t think I’ve ever written It down before

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