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Militants Attacked a Foreign Tourist Group in Afghanistan


Militants Attacked a Foreign Tourist Group in Afghanistan. Most people are fleeing they are going there unnecessarily, they’re not taking aid, assistance, health care or education to help the people, they are going so they can say ‘hey we went to a war zone and survived aren’t we great’. If you’re going to go to somewhere like that go and do something to help the people who live there otherwise for no reason other than your own selfish stupidity you are risking the lives of the military forces that have to attempt to protect and rescue you when something goes wrong.

I traveled overland to India during the day and Afghanistan has never been actually safe, even then. It was wild and adventurous but never safe. Especially for women travelers. The mentality is totally different than westerners. Now it’s just suicidal to ‘vacation’ there. But I expect the travels are aware of that.  I’m sure the good people of Afghanistan welcome tourism. The terrain and scenery must be spectacular. It’s the only way to move the country on to establish itself. Sad to say though, there is the minority, who promote terrorism.

 It was supposedly a ‘safe’ part of Afghanistan, different problems in different areas. The UK travel advice is ‘advice against all but essential travel’ rather than ‘advice against all travel’. I don’t think I would go there at the moment. Why that girl say afghan people would welcome tourism a good Afghanistan person would tell you to get the FXXX out there country for your own safety stupid women. Want to go to an A1 war zone don’t expect Special Forces and the very fast becoming a good army afghan soldiers to rescue them Muppet.

Young girls being enslaved and sexually exploited does indeed arouse the interest of western media; however, it really hurts to see BBC give its utmost attention to Yazidi young girls just to further incriminate ISIS while it totally turns a blind eye on the UN soldiers who raped thousands of young girls in Africa and ignores what’s going on in Burma and the dozens of Muslim Burmese who are being raped, killed and torched to death on a daily basis. My heart indiscriminately goes out to all those who are in suffering regardless of their gender, race and religion.

Got loads of respect for these lawyers and these women! It’s about time every single one of them got justice for what they’ve been put through! They’ve been to hell and back! So brave so strong! Keep on fighting ladies you deserve to bring these “things” (not worth being called men!) Down and give them the punishment they need and deserve! (I know what I’d rule to be done but I’m not a judge) let them rot in hell!

 This does never represent ISLAM! These people created their own beliefs and practices under the shadow of the so called Islam! Exactly like the KKK who does not represent real Christianity! the Irony of this video lies in that you forecast non-Islamic sects forgetting that in US you still have the same encroachment naming the Mormons , the polygamist sects where women grew up in isolated communities, dressed like pioneers and brainwashed to marry much older men who had many other wives , FLDS where underage girls are sexually assaulted ! So my point is; these infringements have nothing to do with Islam but rather devilish human soul!

 This is the day that we all Muslims (no matter what sector group) must* be ashamed. This is the day we all Muslims achieved the highest place in Hell. This is the day … the day these minority (ISIS) humiliated Islam and Quran yet we all Muslims are blaming each other. These few people who are backed and supported by several external internal forces already portrayed their goal which is to degrade and humiliate Islamic teachings. It’s such a shame for every Muslim out there.

 Islam doesn’t allow anything like this the slavery was finished by Islam as freeing slave was the virtues for Muslims in the beginning now u can’t buy or sell any human the prophet who helped slaves and the great example is victory of Makkah where instead of taking revenge he forgives masses we must appreciate the courage of speaking of victims women in front media.

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