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Pak Suzuki Raises Car Prices by 3% of all Models

Pak Suzuki

Pak Suzuki Raises Car Prices by 3% of all Models that will effect from 1st August 2016. All these years these 3 companies have screwed the auto industry and have given the buyers SHITTY cars. I feel that they should be banned from selling or producing cars in the country until they decide to offer something better to the public. If we compare our automotive industry to India i think we should all be ashamed, just like everything else in our country even the automotive industry is run like a family business.

They are fooling everyone with these dinky cars and earn so much money. They deserve to have their business ruined by new and genuine competitors. Nowhere else in the world do manufacturers spin out the same model for 2 decades? It’s because of many companies are buying it in bulk for their employees. As Suzuki provide them with warranty and stuff so that’s the only reason the price is getting higher. This is the only antique product Mehran which is obsolete and still price tag of over 6000 dollars. Checkout Indian Suzuki alto Mehran version compare ourselves.

Swift and Wagon R priced at 1.5m and 1.1m respectively? Is that a joke? In 1m you will get both the cars in India. I can understand the difference in currency but still it’s too much. That is our problem we have a closed mindset unfortunately its people like you who think it is shameful to compare to India… Keep in mind we did both partitioned at the same time and look at how their industry has grown and we are still stuck with Pak Suzuki, Atlas Motors and Indus Motors who sell us an inferior product. So it’s just a comparison of the automotive industry nothing to be ashamed about.

This company like Indus motors & Atlas group is a fraud & excel in fleecing the customers! There is no one to stop these blood sucking parasites. Pakistanis are driving the same car with same technology for more than 2-decades. When you sit in Suzuki Mehran you feel like you went 1980’s. But they are very active in hiking the price every year. The irony is we are paying for a car that dates back Jurassic era .No additional feature, even the face gets uglier with every coming model.

It’s same thing it used to be manufactured in Pantnagar and Pimpari Chinchwad in Pune MH. And it’s no longer manufactured. And little Google tells me that, now from India this freak show gets shipped to Singapore. Gets a makeover and then shipped back to Pakistan with a Suzuki logo and twice as much costly. However Pantnagar is less than 800 km from Lahore. Royal Enfield you can get it even in the USA it’s made in India and better. Because in India they don’t sell Royal Enfield with Military Green color.. In the USA you can get that. Military green Royal Enfield made in India. Talking about Honda 125? I don’t know about that. Was it Splendor or Passion? I guess one of the two. They were great particularly splendor. You can Google the picture Hero Honda Splendor or Hero Honda Passion. But Honda lost the race way back in 2003 when Bajaj Pulsar hit the road.

We should allow the Chinese Car Assemblers in Pakistan. They will not only transfer the technology but also their prices will be much cheaper than these Japanese black mailer charging such huge amount for their shitty products.

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