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Passengers Going Crazy for Their Bags After Plane Crash

Plane Crash

Passengers Going Crazy for Their Bags After Plane Crash. People going for their bags aren’t that strange. People will try save what they that can belong to them. The strange this is the person who thinks “o I need to record what’s potentially about to kill me” instead of getting of the plain it’s what’s wrong. When people panic they go into default mode and want normality! You’re always told doesn’t panic stay calm and I suppose that’s what goes through your head! Hopefully I’ll never find out RIP to the firefighter

So I was originally like ‘I’d want to grab my bag’ but when you watch the video it’s pure idiocy. The attendants are shouting to get off and these tits are stopping and wasting time trying to find a bag! People we’re still unable to get out of their seats because people are clogging the isles. You’re a complete moron if you’re in immediate danger and stop to do that putting everyone else’s lives are risk too. Things are replaceable. You wouldn’t have your life memories in your hand luggage. And if you did you’re a tiny percentage.

Simple solution: Implement a mechanism on all the compartments where the pilot can lock them all from his cabin if an emergency ensues, that way no one is able to open them, even if they wanted to. Priority #1, make it out alive and don’t put other people’s lives in danger.

Having been on a plane that had an emergency landing in the middle of the night due to a wing catching fire, its sheer panic! Some passengers aren’t even fully aware what has happened when you land and crew is trying to be professional yet panicked. It’s weird. And worse of all those who had belongings on them actually helped by buying some items and calling family as it was Athens ad airport didn’t function at night. Worst reception and treatment ever. No food and a passenger who had credit card bought coffee in the morning. Someone left their diabetes medicine on tube flight, it was sad that those who followed the rules suffered from immigration and the airline. I don’t think you can judge unless you’ve been there. Always have my passport, some cash & phone on me now because we were asked for passport!

You bet I would grab my backpack that’s under the seat in front of my. I’d do so as we brace for the crash landing so I don’t waste time grabbing it as I exit. My computer, my passport, my wallet, my phone, and often mementos are in my bag. Some of those things cannot be replaced. If I choose to die over my bag, let me. I’ve now made it a habit to have my passport in my shirt pocket together with mobile phone and baggage check tucked in (it does not mean that the plane always burns – see Stuttgart last Sunday), keys and two small Fossil wallets with cards and cash in trouser pockets. Everything else is more easily replaced.

I think it is because replacing things like passports are such a big problem. I always wear a small bag around my waist or over my head and one arm with my passport and other papers because I really don’t want the hassle of replacing them. Lost luggage is easy to replace. Important documents are not. Maybe airlines should advise passengers to do as I do , keep phones passports credit cards keys money etc on their person then they wouldn’t be panicking about their stuff , I wouldn’t want to be stranded abroad with my child with no phone passports or money to get home ,

Later after evacuation, this flight exploded 3 times and this s why those crews were trying to get this people out as fast as they could. But all they are worried, my luggage, my laptop, my washing machine and my new TV. There must be lot of kids in that plane, could have helped them instead of carrying their pickle filled luggage.

Each passenger thinks that it will take him maximum only 4-5 seconds to get his bag and that’s OK for him. But the problem is that all of the passengers think like that and they are creating obstacles for each other. It’s like prisoners’ dilemma. The best thing is to leave all the bags, but everyone wants to take his at the expense of others time

I remember seeing a photo a stewardess snapped of only one person watching the safety video on a plane before takeoff. And it was a dog, not a human. So imagine that- nobody knew what to do because music, Pokemon and emails mattered more than emergency protocol. So the answer is STUPIDITY drives then to grab their stuff. Emirates should try and be checking the condition of their aircraft for the safety of their passengers because 3 months ago our flight from Dubai to São Paulo developed engine problem 3 hours after takeoff Thank God we haven’t entered the Atlantic we made emergency landing in Jeddah Saudi Arabia.

It may be risky to end up in a foreign country with no travel document, some sort of an identification and money. I agree this is an emergency and the airline would of course step in to put things in order for the passengers but one thing that shouldn’t be ignored is that all this takes ‘time’ and effort and may end up demanding. I personally think the only few items that may be allowed to exit with you at times of an emergency evacuation would be a passport, credit cards and money. Anything else would be a crime … Besides, The ones who feel offended by sharp words posted on media by flying crew or ex crew on how disorganized people are at the time of evict. My advice would be to try and not feel so. The crew has spent hours and hours in a simulator testing out various scenarios. It’s easier for them to visualize an emergency. For a normal passenger who gets nothing but a safety video briefing it may not be the same. There is no harm in listening to the experts. Take your wallet and passport with you if you have it close to you.  Anything else (even the passport and money? If it’s in the overhead cabin – is a crime to carry out. Have a safe flight and always thank the airline industry for making flying safe.

Some passengers are carrying a lot of cash some important documents some expensive jeweler etc and the Airline will not do compensation inclusive of those because no evidence and they won’t even accept whatever story you tell them though it’s a risky to try picking up your luggage while there’s danger .

I think making nasty comments about each other’s culture or homeland is completely unnecessary. Put essentials in your pocket and auto locks on cabin lockers as a few people have already mentioned. Important thing is to evacuate the plane as soon as possible otherwise you are endangering your family and other people’s lives as well, instead of blocking the aisle etc. Peace and love, glad people are safe and sound.

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