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Pentagon Will Not Pay 300 Million Dollars to Pakistan for Military


Pentagon Will Not Pay 300 Million Dollars to Pakistan for Military. Finance Minister Ishaq Darr has recently said that Pakistan doesn’t need IMF financial programs anymore and has given a time period to the final settlements of the loaned installments to be paid back sooner , now I wonder when are we going to bid farewell to the charities of the US and break the consistently -held bowl of our beggary. The money given to Pakistan in the name of “Carry Loogar Bill” was conditioned to allow drones to attack on FATA regions. It’s high time we refuse such money as well as the demands in return which are disastrous to our sovereignty. No allowance of any action should be given to them. We’ve had it enough!!!

Pakistani Prime Minister wearing an expensive suit and tie with Italian shoes and a Rolex watch in his wrist asking for aid sounds strange. The world should stop giving aid to our country as this rich beggar (the one in the picture on the left side) will misuse any aid given by international agencies and countries. The real reason is more likely to be that they don’t want their money being used to buy anymore factories or Mayfair apartments for the extended Not-so-sharif family, or for 22 carat gold bogs to be installed in Raiwind Palace.

 With prominent senators like Bob Corker & Ted Poe leading the lobby against it, seems unlikely it will be reimbursed. We are happy because inhabitants of Pakistan never ask for money our corrupt politicians goes and beg money on our name who are elected through rigging in election. all the aids should be stopped. And Pakistan should do something for itself rather than begging for aids and investing them.

 A major step to sincerely and cordially counter terrorism will be to eliminate Afghan and Haqqani Taliban hideouts in Peshawar and Quetta and stop the Pakistanis or change at least their mindsets that love Mullah Akhtar Mansour and pray in masses for Akhtar Mansours dirty deaths in thousands of mosques in Pakistan. Pak’s participation in Drills is nothing but deceiving the world.

 Romance between Pentagon and Islamabad has ended. Let’s start new war. Both lovers are hypocrite and like endless wars. Now world will see who will win. Aid, loan, donation, charity and reimbursement may have different meanings but their application is same – i.e. corruption and misappropriation.

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