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People of Karachi Should Respect National Law and Order

People of Karachi Should Respect National Law and Order. This horrible middle aged man overtook me to the escalator at Jinnah international terminal after we arrived from the Turkey stopover, with his scarf clad family far behind and then tripped himself and toppled mummy (has cervical compression and a straight spine in the lumbar region) and everyone else on the escalator over.  Later, I caught up with mummy, he’s still hovering around me like I’m so impressed by his paunch his ugly face or him, then his stupid daughter’s asking him if he’s alright, without ever once calling him out for his grotesque, unimpressive, rude and caustic behavior.


They don’t care, they think they’re impressing girls with their pitiful rubbish attitude but they really just don’t care. Then there are the porters who expect a hundred rupee for unwanted harassment, I got all four bags off the conveyor belt, and these creeps are busy chatting us up, trying to get a feel, we load the bags on the trolleys and this creep expects a hundred two hundred rupees for entertaining himself with us.

Karachi is too patriarchal to change anytime soon: As long as slimy behavior is ignored, forgiven, ubiquitous and ubiquitously rewarded (especially out of irritation and trepidation), there’s no hope for this city.

Fact is, the smoker got away with it not because of ‘elitism’ but because he’s a man; period. And you could only criticize him because you’re a man. And he didn’t have to be ‘elite’; he could be somebody’s tag along manservant driver.

And in the summer of 2004 when my family landed in a Cypriot airport, every one of the passengers took a whiff from their fags, it’s not a safety issue per se, he wasn’t smoking on the plane.

I would be more concerned with local passengers pinching air-hostess bottoms. Or the fact of morons armed with heavy luggage or suitcases race ahead of female strangers and injure everyone on an escalator because of their immense stupidity and false bravado landing unhurt with zero legal consequences.

Not just a security but safety comes first, this small bud of cigarette could become an ignition to a huge fire. Rules & laws are made to ensure safety and to bring discipline in the society but unfortunately our country has become a symbol of lawlessness because of few citizens and such violations become a trend with a thought “when he can do it, why can’t I “.if the same guy had been doing the same thing at Heathrow, would have been kicked out of the airport long back.

Perhaps the passengers waiting for the baggage may not have noticed the any smoking sign. The airport management official should correct the passenger, unfortunately the airport management official is not seen around. Moreover the no smoking announcement should have made for the info of the passenger.

Must be connected to a political organization or family or business owner residing in the Clifton or Defense area and Swimming in money with no civic sense or duty toward Pakistan. I’m amazed how Pakistanis change the moment they land in Dubai, London or Houston. Really shameless acts enacted everyday by Muslims in this country.  It took us some time to understand and confirm the incident, questioning the Dolmen Mall staff who really diffused the situation. By that time the driver was moving away. The mere fact that I have put this up on social media with my real name is driving some well wishers to think I am taking on an unnecessary risk.

Law and Order

Values of our society were destroyed long time ago. People driving Vigo, SUV or any other vehicle are like that arrogant and rude. We are helpless creatures in this country. You did an excellent job be careful for your safety. I’m downloading this picture and repost on this platform with your report. I can afford to risk myself.  Drive any vehicle u want and eat anything you like but behave like a human. Corruption and feudalistic mindset is eating away at the roots of our moral fabric. I feel we are letting it happen to ourselves as most of us don’t have the courage to stand up for what’s right.

 I was in Stockholm for a few days and what a great nation. Bikers and pedestrians had their own lanes. No car could dare come in their lane. Very fit people and extremely law abiding. It feels we are a species of some other planet which is of ape origin. Oh but then apes also have rules.  i was also in Seattle last month and not only the have separate lanes for bikers n pedestrian but they also have one lane for cars having 2 plus people which means family. There was a diamond sign on that lane and only cars driving with two people can use that lane. Really amazing

Shows that your parents taught you to be patient and turn the other cheek. It’s quite obvious the kind of upbringing that man driving the Vigo has had. Shout out to all parents- teach your children, both girls and boys to be a little more patient and courteous. It won’t kill them to be a little kinder to someone even if he is screaming in their face.

 It is one of the best, meaningful posts I have ever read on social media. Salute to woman, sister or daughter Sara Haroon (whatever you prefer). I am sure that the person involved will also take such a post positively in which you had pointed out mistake of a human being by using the best possible decent words.

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