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Why People Worried About Their Luggage After Plane Crash

Plane Crash

Why People Worried About Their Luggage After Plane Crash. Can’t believe they don’t understand WHY people do that. Isn’t it obvious? When your house burns down you lose everything and in a plane you’ve only got enough to keep you going for what you planned for. Losing your phone, wallet, passport, keys and other items in hand luggage means you are completely screwed. Everyone thinks they will survive so they try to grab their stuff. If I was stuck in a foreign country, a long way from home and I was about to lose everything I had on me, I’d most likely try to save whatever I could as well.

I was on a flight today and I was actually thinking about how I should leave my bag behind if something like this happened BUT I would want to have my purse as I would be without a passport, money, phone, any other identification, etc. It’s better to have your life than any of these things but I can see where the thought process comes from to a certain extent.  Easy to fix, put auto locks on the overhead lockers. Cabin crew/pilots can lock them all so folks can’t get stuff it delays others getting off. Publicize it so all on board know and won’t waste time trying. Because their passports and all other documentation are contained in them and to replace them is a nightmare …also if you leave your bags unattended you’ll be in breach of security.

It’s always easy to say ‘remain cool, calm and collected’, but I really don’t think people are thinking clearly… Their ‘valuables’ are generally in their hand luggage – money, passport, credit cards, and they are not thinking in terms of ‘I might lose my life here’…. Going forward, keep any valuables ‘on your person’ rather than in your hand luggage.

People from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan are referred as Desi people. Though Desi people has managed to shine in various countries and sector! One thing they lack is following the Safety regulation on Air Travel. They have seen using cell phones while taking off and landing, start running to the washroom while plane is taxing, unbuckling seat belt and rushing for the Carry-on bags while plane just landed. So, grabbing their bag during emergency land gin don’t surprise me a bit

Unbelievable how could you think of your luggage while the plane is on fire off course while you grab your luggage you block the exit way people won’t be able to run to safety at least respect those little children’s, and older people to leave the plane quicker.

Listened to an air safety guy today on R4 and as he said, if the pilot & crew tell you to get out of the plane anywhere other than the terminal building they’re doing it for a reason and not because they fancy a drama. He suggested getting one of those little plastic bags they give you to go through security and in it put your phone, passport & if you’re on business an USB with your computer backed up onto it. Keep this with you ( ie don’t put it in the locker!) & if you have to get out in a hurry you’ve got everything you’ll need.

If they were only affecting their own survival chances by collecting their bags it would be a different issue. The point is one person collecting their bags that could be blocking tens of people’s safe exits. Every second counts in a plane filling with deadly smoke. This is not a personal decision you have to think of everyone on the plane. If there is an Emergency onboard the last thing a person should worry about is their luggage. Blocking the aisle to get luggage and materialistic things is ridiculous. The crew onboard can’t leave either until everyone is off safely so you’re putting them at risk too!

The lesson from this is that we should try to have our most valuable things in our pockets or at hand should similar emergencies occur so that we will not waste precious time and put our and other lives at risk by instinctively trying to grab our luggage from the overhead compartments.  You don’t know what the people went through. It’s all what happens with your mind at that point of time, they might have had their passports, important certificates, documents, for which they made the journey, as it was a international flight, so they would have gone for their luggage. They might have thought later on that it was not the right thing to do.

People aren’t thinking of the bigger picture. Everyone is primarily concerned with themselves, which is only natural in an emergency, its survival instinct to think of number one. While in that mode, as they see it, stopping to grab their bag adds no more than a second or two to their escape time, so they consider it’s worth the risk to avoid the hassle of losing their laptop, wallet, keys, passport etc. They’re in the middle of a crisis and not thinking about the cumulative effect of everyone grabbing their stuff.

I understand why people feel the need to grab their bags- especially on a international flight. Plenty of people on board probably had laptops with important data, everyone was thinking about their passport, etc. I like to think that if I’m never unlucky enough to be in a position like that, that I would drop everything and run. Things like passports and laptops can be replaced, lives can’t.

I would not leave my passport behind on a burning aircraft! My passport was stolen in 2014 and it took over 3 months to replace, it was an absolute nightmare. I would not want to be trying to replace my passport in a Gulf country where I do not speak the local language, have lost all my credit cards and ability to access money, and have no hotel booked… no, of course I would pause briefly to collect my small carryon luggage filled with memories, FLAMABLE OBJECTS like my laptop, medication, passport,

 Passengers worry about hand carry because they know airline will pay according to weight and not the value of the items. A kilo of gold is same as kilo of shoes to airlines. That’s why people try to grab their bags filled with valuables. And they keep their precious items in hand carry as airlines lose their booked luggage even after a safe landing.

  1. For a normal lose of passport is not an issue but What if there is a visa of US or Europe

    2. What if there are certificates of
    Education, marriage etc
    we know how difficult it will be to get a duplicate copy of the same

    3. In most of the cases laptop bags are not used to carry laptops but to carry important documents…
    As its not weights in hand baggage

    4. Though there was near to 300 passengers, within near to half was keralites, and within 90 seconds all were existed without any major hurt. May be the experience of travel in KSRTC- a public transport of kerala-helped them?

    5. it’s the first time a passenger took the video of a crashed plane.

    It will help the experts to analyze this and take proper steps in the future from a passenger point of view.

    7. Though it was supposed to be very major accident. Not even one passenger utter a word against the flight, or its company.
    What if it’s an European flight

    So though we mock ourselves
    We should not underestimate our positives

    It will help the experts to analyze this and take proper steps in the future from a passenger point of view.
    8 and above all v haven’t got any training for safety or evacuation until now. But then too v performed very well.


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