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PTI Chief Imran Khan Mounts his Container Again

Imran Khan

PTI Chief Imran Khan mounts his container again. PTI Chief Imran Khan mounts his container again. He has delivered in Kpk that’s why so many people are backing him up. This struggle is for the rights of Pakistanis and a transparent democratic system, both of which are badly abused.  NS being billionaire, how much money has He spent on the welfare of Pakistanis?  Governments money is not being used hence it’s not waste of money, Wastage of money is using treasury of Pakistan’s money for Party promotion, Foreign visits with negative results, expenditure on Food, Travel etc expenses for personal cause.

 Deliver in Kpk, make it a model province, people will automatically elect you in next elections, don’t waste nation time on stupid dharnas, clean your party from corrupt leader’s, specially your Atm machines. But I am sure you will never do that. We will be with you once you deliver in KPK. We have seen enough container parties from you. Go home with your corrupt party members’ likes of Jahangir Tareen and Shah Mahmood and stop wasting nation time.

Well I respect your opinion but kpk govt failed to even use half of their yearly development budget in last 3 years, world health organization has shown their concern on health conditions, major cities of kpk are in same condition since British rule, roads are like a mess, school are also in similar situations, hence it’s your own opinion to judge the performance of IK govt, not sure about rest of the Pakistan but surely he will loose from Kpk. you are the only one standup against these criminals, those people criticize you whose enjoying the fruits of their corrupt govt, at least i am not illiterate* to support a corrupt and illiterate,

This guy never learn his lesson, already you wasted 126 days without any result. Go home and learn basic of Pakistani politics, organize your party get rid of corrupt and old lottas from your party. Give full attention in KPK make it exemplary province than people will believe you that you are capable of having a federal Government .Pl don’t waist youth time and energies. I am your supporter but what sharrif is doing in Lahore anybody can see. On the other hand, what you are doing in KPK is not appearing. We agree you are improving corrupt systems but don’t you think 3 years are too much to improve them and still you can’t claim all system is corruption free.

Right man right cause brings those criminals who illegally and unlawfully transferred the money of poor Pakistanis to their foreign accounts and invested in their illegitimate personal business, to justice. People disusing Imran Khan should also speak of the so called politicians they support. Are they any better? Even if we’re dealing with the lesser evils (let’s assume that’s the case ) Imran Khan by far is better than any of the other politicians we’ve had.

Why IK never ran a campaign against Zardari who was the President and 1000 times more corrupt than NS could ever be? Never held even a small rally against his corruption. This is just an ego issue and the Punjab seats.  Imran Khan is the only hope to save this country from looters panama leaks noora gang. Nation is with him and we will not come back without victory.

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