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Tension Between Interior Ministers of Pakistan and India

Tension Between Interior Ministers of Pakistan and India during SAARC meet in capital. Poor show of diplomacy by Pakistan. Discussing Kashmir in a sable and diplomatic tone is one thing, taking things at a soaring point is another. Humiliating your counterpart, who is also your guest, is not at all mature diplomacy that will resolve matters including Kashmir. Killing of more than 3 million in East Pakistan lacks of rapes; killed 25,000 Palestinians in Jordan & counting in Baluchistan, Gilgit, Khyber Pakhtunwah, Sindh keep it up. India cannot deny the right of self determination of Kashmir’s for long now, about time they will have to sit on the table for a composite dialogue to solve the issue, as this is the only way out for the betterment of both countries.

Pakistan and India

You are going to get all the junk polluting thermal power plants for free. By just repaying back the entire amount with the highest rate of interest & all the business to be given to the Chinese companies along with their man power. After all beggars can’t be choosers. Good luck to the new Chinese colony. It was initiated by Zardari in ppp’s tenure does that mean he had done great and we should vote him. We know the fact don’t take credit of china’s tilt towards Pakistan. You have done nothing except developing motorway and sponsoring your own business here in Pakistan.

Kashmir is part of India therefore you shouldn’t need to interfere in this. No one here give a damn to Pakistan’s issue. Then why the hell you guys interfere in our matters.  CPEC began from 2015 not in 2013, and it is helping all five provinces of Pakistan the development of Gawadar port will help Baluchistan similarly silk road and power projects will help all provinces of Pakistan, it’s nothing to do with Punjab government coz this whole project was planned by Chinese authorities.

There was one corridor which was through the Gilgit, KPK and Baluchistan and Punjab but now but now this is almost in Punjab all the economic zone will be in Punjab only road will go through Baluchistan in some area.

Every word on India Ch Nisar said is a fact. Indian atrocities crossed red line in Indian held Kashmir. He should have availed it more & appealed all saarc members to berate India on brutal occupation. I don’t understand the poll at the end of the article. You stop someone for security reasons – yes, that’s justifiable but who defines security? How can you judge a person on a motorbike as threat and not someone who came in a Mercedes? For all you know he could have a gun in his pocket or a guard with a rifle and cause more damage than you expect!

I hate such insolent security guards and peons who try to push their luck.  The security guard just didn’t want to accept that a fellow motorbike like him would come and eat at the same restaurant where the poor fella had been working for 7 years  If I m millionaire and go on my bicycle to this cafe. They will refuse to serve me? It’s the cafe owner misconduct. He will be liable to answer it in court. It’s misconduct of the café management and owner. And no I don’t ride a bike not I have ever in my life. This is about the differentiation that these shitorants create.

Stupid staff employed by cafe flu, if there was a security issue or they found him suspicious they could have searched him for weapons or else and this is their job which they are meant for and people commonly don’t mind it. How pathetic they are covering when they are exposed, judging people from their rides, discouraging them like this is unacceptable. Our society is becoming more and more status conscious. What else he can do except for raising issue on social media.

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