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United States Presidential Elections 2016 Predictions

United States Presidential Elections 2016 Predictions. Imagine if everyone refused to believe that a vote for a third party candidate was a wasted vote. I have to vote my conscience and my conscience won’t allow me to cast a vote for Clinton or Trump. I think a wasted vote is one cast for someone I can’t believe in.

United States Presidential Elections

 It is not a wasted vote, it elects Hillary. Dream all you want. Hate and mock Trump all you want but it is him or her. If you don’t vote for Trump the Bernie-screwing Hillary wins. Hillary says she will continue Obama policies, policies which have Muslims of fighting age and unknown backgrounds flooding in, released sanctions on Iran, just gave Iran $400,000,000 in cash, supported revolution in Libya, Egypt, Turkey, Syria, called ISIS a JV team giving them time to spread and work. (Noticing anything here? you know fundamental Muslims like ISIS kill people, love killing rainbows. remember Florida?). Go ahead, vote Green or Libertarian, but you cut your own throats and elect Hillary. You may not want war with fundamentalists, but they want it with you and it is coming to a country near you.

So many Americans are frustrated and disenfranchised with the Democrat and Republican parties. I can only hope that my countrymen, who cannot in good conscience vote for Clinton or Trump, will not stay home on election day.

 Third party candidates are the junk food of American Politics. They can say anything they want and make every promise to everyone because they know there is no chance they will ever get elected and have to actually deliver.

Stein is especially guilty on this. She promises and panders everywhere, from Vladimir Putin to the nutcase anti-Vaxxers and folks frightened of WIFI.

What does she care? She’s not in it to win–she’s in it for the attention.

Gary Johnson has at least been Governor of New Mexico, which is real experience. He is also a good protest vote for Republicans who want their party to support serious candidates in the future, and not dangerous clowns

Third Party vote is a wasted vote. If a Third Party candidate were to have a serious run and garner just 20% of the overall Electoral College no candidate would make it to the 270 to win the election. You can’t 3 ways split the Electoral College to get anyone to 270.

Do you people know what happens when the 270 threshold isn’t reached by anyone?! A constitutional crisis… Congress, per the Constitution, will then decide who the president will be.

So until you reform the Constitution a serious third party candidate will only cause chaos. We aren’t a Westminster system that forms coalition governments.

The system needs to be changed and the Electoral College is more of a bane than a boon. But considering the Electoral College can only be changed by the president who has previously won through the Electoral College system, the chances of them changing it is slim. And considering the Electoral College system is still in play for this year’s election, voting third party would only make sure the party you would have otherwise voted for, loses. I am a Bernie supporter but to make sure Trump and his hateful, xenophobic antics don’t make it to the white house, I will swallow my feelings and vote least evil candidate (Clinton). I don’t like her but she’s hell of a lot better than a person who asked if US could use nuclear weapons as a first resort in conflict.

To me a wasted vote is feeling FORCED to vote for wither Trump or Clinton. I don’t like either of them. If I say I want to vote for a third party candidate I’m told that it’s a waste of time and a wasted vote…
It makes me wonder what if there are a million people eligible to vote who feel like I do, but we are forced to believe we should only vote A and B…
I really hate politics and the way the media is involved. I had no idea third party candidates existed until I did my own research. My parents don’t know who they are. They had no idea who Sanders was due to the exposure they gave to certain candidates.

Voting for a candidate one “believes in” has no bearing on the electoral process. It only has meaning to the voter. If they want to *believe* that voting for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson isn’t a waste, that’s fine, and I commend your blissful ignorance. But the fact of the matter is that if you’re not voting for Clinton or Trump you may as well spend your time doing something else the first Tuesday in November rather than waiting in line to vote.

 Voting should be done on a Saturday and made so you have to vote. The voter turnout in America is the lowest of all western countries. 53%. Hell the two people running for the top only won 9% between them. How the hell is the representing the will of the people?

You live in a country with an electoral system that only allows for two parties. If you don’t like that, then as Christian Jensen correctly points out, you need to work at a grass-roots level to change the system, Until that time, you need to recognize the danger that a Trump presidency poses, and vote appropriately.

The electoral system allows for more parties, but the electorate and all the vested interests do not. A party cannot be elected unless it can raise millions of dollars and none of the other parties can do that because they cannot raise the cash. The only way to solve it is to restrict election funding to a federally determined and funded amount; and allow parties that have a certain proportion of votes to receive the same amount of cash all across the board.

Then your conscience is under informed. In refusing to vote for either Clinton or Trump, the numbers are such that you are merely turning over the results of the election to the pool of people who are going to vote for one or the other of the two. So, ask yourself, if you don’t like Clinton, are you still OK with Trump getting the presidency, representing the US to the world, and – most importantly – being in a position to decide two or possibly three SCOTUS appointments? That last bit should keep you up nights, or you simply haven’t thought through the implications for our nation.

If you are going to make that vote actually count, you need to build a base in the lower levels of government first. Jill Stein’s Green Party hasn’t had anything but local government positions and then expects to make it into the oval office appearing out of nowhere in 2016. Gary Johnson’s liberal party is a little more popular, but not by much. They both have radical positions that a majority of Americans are not going to be happy with. Gary wants privatize everything, which has been shown to be a problem in many places where it has been done already and the green party is anti-science trying to say that vaccines and GMOs need more research (they’ve both had a LOT already) and considers homeopathy legitimate medicine. On top of all that, we need to modify the twelfth amendment before a third party will be an actual option. If no candidate has a majority in the Electoral College the House chooses the president. Basically, Paul Ryan picks it for us. So if you’re in a swing state, help make sure the more legitimate candidate (i.e. Hillary) gets into the oval office. Before you tell me she’s just as bad as or worse than Trump, fact checking all of their statements shows that Hillary is the most honest of all the candidates, even more so than Bernie, while every other word that comes out of Trumps mouth has no basis in reality. Now if you still want to “vote your conscience”, keep this in mind. Even if they’re less than ideal, not putting the more acceptable of the two major party candidates in office will only make things worse before it gets better, if it even does get better allowing mad men into positions of power.

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