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US Elections 2016: Who Will Win Presidential Elections

US Elections 2016: Who Will Win Presidential Elections. I’d like everyone who “has to vote their conscience” give some facts as to why they can’t vote for Hillary. Not voting for Trump is a no briner.

US Elections 2016

Voting one’s conscience means doing what’s right for the country. We are a collective. The outcome affects us all. This is not high school. The nerd doesn’t have a chance of winning. Voting for Johnson or Stein IS a vote discarded. Why not work for their parties and actually get someone elected in local government first? No, that would be too hard and not sound as morally superior as “I have to vote my conscience in the general election”.

 I agree with you about working at the grass-roots level but I live in a blue state. The democrats have carried my state in the last 6 presidential elections so unless I’m voting democrat, thanks to the Electoral College, my vote doesn’t even count. I can’t vote for Clinton and I can’t vote for Trump because I don’t feel that either represents my values. Neither is better or worse than the other so I’ll vote for Johnson. In my opinion, Trump stands no chance and Clinton, barring a miracle, will be the next president but at least my conscience will be clear.

There are so many of us that I wouldn’t worry. I know many, many people who aren’t admitting it due to fear of damage to property.

Just try to look up how to become a poll watcher/challenger on voting day. If we have a republican rep at each poll, we can challenge people that we think shouldn’t legally vote. Pass it around. We need to protect our polls and try to make it a fair vote.

Polling shows that 80-90% of Sanders’ supporters plans to vote for Clinton. That is a higher percentage than former Clinton supporters who voted for Obama in 2008. The outlying fringe vote is a normal American electoral phenomenon that happens to be getting more attention this year than usual– and frankly, more attention than it deserves in the general election. American general elections are decided at the political center.

They put these people up at either end of the political spectrum to skim votes from both parties. You never see or hear anything from them during races for local offices. The greens and the libertarians are strictly there to be spoilers if they can.

Actually it’s the media trying to portray this that is the “tipping” point. You make up scenarios to match what you want to happen, and then go with it like it is a solid, truth filled story. Whatever happened to journalists who cared? Does everyone just toe the line now in fear? This trying to invent the news to happen, has got to come to a halt.

You can’t expect a third party to win in the US. Our government was purposely set up against it, opting for a Congressional government rather than a Parliamentary one. It’s more likely that the parties equalize into one party (as in the “Era of Good Feelings”) than a third party winning a major election.

I much to my sorrow will have to vote for Mr. Trump. It will be a cold day in hell when I vote for a person who believes it is alright to murder unborn children, and butcher them for body parts to sell, and will use taxes to pay for it (her words not mine, on the party platform.). A person who plans to go around the second amendment. A person who cares so little for the nations security, she used unsecured servers to perform her duties as Secretary of State. A person who lied about an attack on on an American Embassy, which results in the death of good Americans, and when caught, says what.

 I’ll never understand why in a two party system, it can be third party candidates. I’ll keep on searching about it, because when I make the question, I never have a satisfactory answer. I’m not expecting to get from BBC. Every four years (or some of them), these sort of strangers (at least for me come to catch some attention, which for me, that’s all they’ll get.

We aren’t supposed to have a two party system, that’s just a flaw that happened over time. Each election was supposed to be free of parties and we were meant to look at who was the best for us. When the system was made, the Founding fathers warned of this exact thing happening. They called them factions and they were terrified of them. We were meant to avoid them at all costs, but you see where that had leaded us.

 What I’m interested is not only the polls, but the predicted popular votes AND possibly electoral votes. Johnson may take New Mexico, but what states could him and Stein take? Could the influence the outcome of the election to the grave point that no candidate has 270 electoral votes

The only reason why people do not have what they want is because they are thinking more about what they don’t want than what they do want. Listen to your thoughts, and listen to the words you are saying. The law is absolute and there are no mistakes

The Green and Libertarian parties show up every four years to claim the presidency. Without serious grassroots organizing for local offices, they’ll never have enough votes. Jill Stein is pandering to the anti-vaxxers and Gary Johnson stands for everything that Bernie Sanders was against.

Mr. Ross Perot had got nearly 19% of popular vote, but reality was he couldn’t get any electoral vote (sorry if you don’t know how voting is counted in the US) in 1992. Any third party won’t get any major impact of actual election and it has been always this way for as long as I remember… US election rules aren’t designed for multi-party election… Also, US presidential election costs a lot of money to even just reach November. President Obama collected over 1 billion dollars in 2012. Despite the longest and most expensive election campaign in the world, voting rates are low (in 50 – 55% range) and many people don’t really neither pay attention to each candidate’s promises or point of view. There is no way third party candidates can be even known to the half of US voters, not to mention letting know people their promises… You really need so much resources which former president Carter even said he could have had no chance to be his party candidate in current presidential election environment.

Election fraud, corruption and money laundering of foreign money to the Clinton Foundation! This Democrat has had enough, I’m now a registered Independent as of yesterday. I’m so tired of listening to the bashing by both Clinton and Trump. I’m tired of listening to Clinton’s lies and corruption. The DNC has been rigging elections and now Debbie Wasserman Schultz will go to work on Clinton’s campaign. Why are we, the people tolerating this continued corruption?? I’m beginning to follow Gary Johnson and Bill Weld. Both are former Governors who really helped their states. They have to be better than Clinton and Trump! At least Johnson/Weld talks about the issues! Don’t let them tell you you’re wasting your vote, the only wasted vote is one that supports continued corruption.

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