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Views About Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony in Brazil

Rio 2016

Views About Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony in Brazil. I remember American friends being infuriated by the number of commercial breaks in the London Opening Ceremony. I guess this is the only way they can ensure people see it all, albeit constantly interrupted. Makes me grateful we have commercial free TV. Considering like a third of the time it was advertisement I was unhappy too. I thought the Olympics were suppose to show unity and how the world connected instead of trying to sell consumers product during such an event.

For those that had the pleasure of not watching it, I’ll confirm a few things, Apologies for the length. The commentary WAS terrible. It was childish, inane and the Djibouti line was only one of the rude plays on words of a country’s name. There were a also lot of scoffed “if you don’t know where THAT is “statements when smaller countries came on screen, rude tones when saying “they only brought 5 people” and “they’ve NEVER won a medal.” Or mentioning to viewers when we had a military base in a country, as though that were the only bit of data I needed to learn…Also the multiple cuts in the footage to jubilant American athletes chanting USA came across as snide and elitist. Maybe that’s what they meant by “putting it in context” for us? I ended the night opting to cheer for those smaller countries and hoping to hear a variety of national anthems played

Even when they came on, they didn’t start showing any of the opening ceremonies for another hour, they had to brag about Phelps and how great America is for another hour before they even got to the ceremony. I feel bad for Americans and how sheltered from reality they are by they’re media.

This happened during the last Olympics as well and we had to watch edited versions of the US Olympic team events at evening times (never live). At least this year they’re offering live stream but the opening ceremony and all the adverts and unnecessary commentary was unbearable. I turned it off after 2 minutes!

Our American friends should have been treated more fairly with Rio organizers at the Olympic Games over its opening ceremony in Rio and they should shown the entire event live from Rio instead of highlights in the USA because of time difference and all the television stations in the USA should given pre-warning of this before it was coming and it currently programmes on air could be shifted until September at the latest.

“It’s a cultural ceremony that requires deep levels of understanding…”

Who could appreciate the cultural ceremony or journey to those deep levels of understanding when Vierra, Lauder, and Kotb were babbling like a trio of drunkards competing to win a medal for spouting the most drivel.

I remember when I lives in the USA all the adverts and never streaming anything live unless it was American. They need to remember there a whole wide world outside their shores and it’s not all about making money from advertising .

Turning something like this into a Macy’s thanksgiving parade. It Was absolutely insulting to Brazil, the rest of the world, but mostly to Americans– saying– you’re too dumb to care, you’re too dumb to watch, you don’t care about the rest of the world enough to participate— and we’re sorry the Olympic schedule conflicts with your happy hour. You’re incapable of sitting through a long cultural program without it having to do with the US – here’s another commercial.

I remember when they got to Niger they cut to a commercial break. Really you can’t pronounce a country’s name just in case you might offend people. Another thing they did was that they kept on filming the USA when other countries were coming in. Now I know it’s their team but still you have to showcase other countries as well.

Nothing would be the same without party poopers. But I give you something; the transmission should’ve been life everywhere. People don’t want to be protected with curfews, leave them to decide if they want to watch live or a rerun later.

This is coming from the same country of people who have their own version of “football” that is literally non-stop commercials. Commercials are the only reasons some people watch the Super Bowl.
I was pretty certain, commercialization, was the endurance sport most Americans actually got. I wonder if the climate change segment, made us all feel a wee bit dirty.

They showed interviews while the opening ceremonies where going on, then when they finally did start airing it they showed a commercial about every 5 minutes.

I watched the opening ceremonies & when they showed the US athletes out of alphabetical order, figured it was all taped & they wanted to show the Americans their team so we could all get to bed at a decent hour…

We have free TV yes they have commercials but The FCC mandated that the Digital signal be transmitted, you can use a digital antenna. But people want more choices yet there are people who still use off air signal. Any way I will not watch the games after seeing the special on how the IOC and the countries hosting go through the process. I hope the athletes will come home safe and as healthy as they arrived.

I hope people don’t watch the 2016 Olympics. Brazil could’ve never been the host. Brazilians never wanted this to happen. The only people who benefit from this are the countless corrupt politicians and he very rich in the construction industry. The biggest scam the world has ever seen was when they convinced people to spend money to watch commercials. Completely opposite of what it should be, & the suckers are still lining right up.

Nbc’s broadcasting explanation is incorrect because every opening Olympic ceremony is about the host countries culture etc. hence the view knows and expects that. Nbc disrespect the host country because it was a horrible broadcast with tons of commercials. It was boring and stopped watching. Nbc is in the broadcasting field but appeared like an amateur. Nbc ruined the opening ceremony and I am a long time Olympic fan.

Floating trash and raw sewage in the water venues. Many of the dorms are incomplete or the toilets are broken and an added bonus, Zika Virus. Roving Street gangs of juvenile criminals. Just like Sochi, the IOC was bribed to select this dump.

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